• COSTA RICA – Cerro Dragon (Microlot)


  • Coffee - Ethiopia SidamoCoffee - Ethiopia Sidamo

    ETHIOPIA – Sidamo


  • Tea - Peppermint & GingerTea - Peppermint & Ginger

    Peppermint & Ginger Loose Leaf 100g


  • PersonaliTEA Teapot (Blue)


    £15.00 £12.00

  • caffeine mug

    Caffeine Bone China Mug – for tea and coffee!


  • ingenuiTEA loose leaf teapot

    ingenuiTEA Loose Leaf Teapot


  • RIVERSIDE – Great Taste Winner 2017


  • Wilfa Classic Plus Coffeemaker


At Edgcumbes, we believe in some pretty simple things:

Everyone deserves the BEST freshly roasted coffee and loose-leaf teas at FAIR prices

The more local everything is, the more sustainable everything gets

Coffee ALWAYS tastes better freshly roasted

Blending and brewing is an art, but a SIMPLE one that we want to share

Tea ALWAYS tastes better when made from loose leaves

Tea and coffee have equal importance to us