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Expert solutions

How you brew is every bit as important as what you brew – and that’s as true for one cup, or one thousand.

So our comprehensive range of equipment has been hand selected by coffee and tea experts - people with over 30 years’ experience of the best tea and coffee, as well as the best way to brew it

Specialist Merchants

Freshly roasted coffee and vending products may seem worlds apart. We don’t think so. In fact we think your customers appreciate the fact we take exactly the same care with both.

That’s why we search the world for the very best ingredients at the very best prices. And it’s why we stock all those little extras that make every sip a little special.

Experience and Passion

Over 30 years in the trade means we’ve built up an impressive record and the ability to see through short-term fads to long-term quality. And we’ve fiercely maintained our independence so we can pass that expertise on to you.

There’s a lot of snobbery about coffee, and increasingly so with tea. And that’s unfortunate, because there’s no magic involved. Just hard-won experience and skill.

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