Noble & Stace Luxury Coffee Chocolate Tablette



These aren’t just ANY chocolates – these are a marriage between speciality coffee and top grade hand crafted chocolate! Oh yes..smooth 54% dark chocolate generously sprinkled with freshly roasted Brazilian coffee beans! These beans have been roasted light to ensure no bitterness – the flavour of the chocolate and coffee together is sublime.

Edgcumbes have teamed up with local chocolatier Mike from Noble and Stace in West Sussex to offer this amazing, beautifully crafted bar of chocolate. The size is larger than your average old bar- ( approx. 3″ x 5″) so you get a lot of chocolate for your money!

Mike says ,“We love working with other local producers to bring something different to our customers and coffee and chocolate is such a classic combination. To really stand out though we needed an extremely high quality coffee that was freshly roasted on our doorstep so it simply had to be Edgcumbes.”

Well, we can’t really disagree. Try one of these with your cup of coffee and you will be transported into a land of pure indulgence. Go for it , and do let us know what you think on the Edgcumbes instagram..unless you want to keep the secret from getting out!



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