Rusper Blend Everyday Premium




Rusper tea is our original house blend of tea and it is perfect for your everyday cup of tea! It is a blend of Assam and Kenyan teas and makes a very ‘easy to drink’ cup of tea which still has a great taste! Due to the popular demand of this tea we are now selling it in a large 2.5kg bag which gives you great value for money and should last you at least a few weeks!

  • A perfect loose tea for your everyday cuppa- brew as strong or as delicate as you like. The leaves are small to give you the ultimate in infusing!
  • It has been specially blended to give a better tasting brew – this is our original blend and it is still popular after 35 years.
  • East African, mainly Kenyan teas give colour and the rich, malty Assams will give it the flavour we love from our English cuppa!
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  • Tea loves oxygen – it helps the flavour develop, so always use freshly drawn cold water in the kettle.
  • Make sure your pot is clean – ( don’t have a pot- then why not treat your self to one ? Click here ..)
  • Warm the pot by swirling a small amount of boiled water in it.
  • One teaspoon of loose tea per person and one teaspoon for the pot is about right, but add as much or as little to make it to the strength you like.
  • For black tea, only pour on freshly boiled water and do not over-boil it.
  • Leave to infuse for up to five minutes – if you have an infuser in the pot, take it out, and the tea will be ready to go.
  • A tea cosy is great for keeping the tea warm- old school maybe, but it works!


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