Camomile with Fennel and Rose Petals




  • 1 bag of premium speciality loose leaf tea
  • Caffeine free!

Ah … sometimes all it takes is a nice cup of tea to restore us to normality!

Buffeted from pillar to post? Feeling frazzled? Everyone wanting your attention…and that’s before being force fed constant media updates of political shenanigans (that which shall not be named..!)

This KEEP CALM blend of camomile flowers, infused with fennel seeds and liberally sprinkled with rose petals will soothe, restore and calm your senses.

The addition of the fennel and rose petals give the camomile a lovely, honeyed intensity that will be sure to please! Brew it for a few minutes, let it cool and drink with or without the addition of honey.

Naturally soothing combination of camomile and fennel, blended with pure rose petals from Pakistan, known to clear toxins and promote health.

Flavour: Honeyed camomile, aniseed hint with the floral undertones of the rose petals make this luxuriously full flavoured herbal drink.

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Herbal Tea, Wellbeing


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