REGION: Apaneca – Ahuachapán

GROWING ALTITUDE: 1400-1450 masl

HARVEST PERIOD: December-March


VARIETAL: Bourbon, Pacas

TASTE NOTES: Chocolate & Sugarcane

Q Grade: 84.50

Monteleon is one of the oldest farms owned by the Salaverra family, who make up JASAL group. The farm belongs to the mother of Jose Antonio Sr, and therefore the grandmother of Jose Antonio Jr and his brother Andres. She has always been very charismatic and grateful to the workers at the farm, as well as demonstrating a great love for the farm itself. The farm consists mainly of old Bourbon trees, as is often found in El Salvador, leading to the classic balanced profile. Just 5% is Pacas, compared with 25% as an average throughout the country.

The JASAL group of farms are situated amongst the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range, part of the Cordelliera de Apeneca. This volcanic range runs through the Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, and Sonsonate departments in the West of El Salvador, and is where many of the Cup of Excellence producing farms are located. There are four volcanoes that occur within this range of mountains, with Ilamatepec (also known as Santa Ana) being the more dominant. It last erupted in 2005, causing disruptions to a high-density coffee growing area that were felt for the following two years.

Coffees are milled at the groups Benficio Las Cruces, located in nearby Santa Ana. Despite being a historic processing centre with over 100 years behind it, it has been regularly updated too and is currently renovated to contain wet and dry processing facilities, along with eco-friendly equipment, raised African beds, patios and mechanical driers.



Additional information

Product Type

Single Origin Coffee




El Salvador

Coffee Grind

Aeropress / Moka Pot, Whole Bean, Cafetiere Grind, Espresso Grind, Filter Grind


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