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How to use an IngenuiTea teapot!

If you are stuck on what to buy any tea lover for Christmas then worry no more – the IngenuiTea teapot is the ideal present!

The teapot is available in 2 sizes – 470ml or 950ml – and the way that it works is once the tea leaves and hot water have steeped, you place it on top of your cup causing the underneath valve to release. Crystal-clear tea will then flow through, as the mesh filter retains all of the tea leaves! Not only this but as it is dishwasher safe it makes it extremely easy to clean!

I will show you in a few steps exactly how to use this convenient device, and you will soon realise how it is the must have accessory for any tea drinker. It takes any hassle out of using loose leaf tea and means that you will have delicious tea prepared in no time at all!

ingenuitea tea pot display
This is all you need – an IngenuiTea teapot, loose leaf tea of your choice, hot water and a cup!

How to use the IngenuiTea Teapot in 6 easy steps…

1. Take your IngenuiTea teapot and add the required amount of loose leaf tea (usually around 2 teaspoons)

use ingenuitea teapot adding loose tea

2. Add hot water to the IngenuiTea

use ingenuitea teapot hot water

3. Leave the tea to steep in the hot water

use ingenuitea teapot brewing

4. Once the tea has steeped long enough for your taste, put the IngenuiTea over the top of your cup and rest it on the sides so the liquid begins pouring out

use ingenuitea teapot adding to cup

5. Remove the IngenuiTea once you have filled your cup up – and see how the seal in the IngenuiTea means that there are no drips at all!

use ingenuitea teapot cup of tea

6. Sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious cup of tea!

If you have the time then take a look at our video which also shows you how quick and easy the IngenuiTea is to use!

And in the wise word of author C.S. Lewis – ‘You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me’

So maybe in that case you need to treat yourself to the larger version of the IngenuiTea!

ingenuitea teapot cs lewis quote

Have you ever tried using an IngenuiTea teapot?

Let us know your thoughts if you have – or if you would like to try one for yourself then take a look here!

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