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It’s a YES! to the new Café/Bakery Venue at Edgcumbes’ Roastery

After a few nail-biting months Edgcumbes have been given the GREEN LIGHT to refurbish two stable blocks that are currently unused and unloved. Our plan is to build a beautiful ( naturally!) new space for a café where we can continue to offer our amazing freshly roasted coffee range  along with our loose leaf teas to take home or to enjoy in the café, outside in the enclosed courtyard and for our many takeaway customers.

There will be a range of hand-prepared sandwiches and paninis, made in collaboration with our friends at Coburn and Baker who will be instructing us on how to make that perfect sourdough starter, and pizza bases.

If you fancy learning how to taste ( cup) coffee, then why not join one of our popular Home Enthusiast classes?!

Alongside this , there will be a purpose built bakery/ foodie centre for classes and events, to add to our popular ‘Coffee Home Enthusiast’ classes.


We have teamed up with an inspirational architect who has brought alive our vision and is working with us to develop a lovely, yet practical space for visiting, tasting, learning, experiencing and enjoying all things ‘food and drink’ related.

From chocolate classes to sourdough and pizza workshops, from learning how to blend and enjoy the finest teas to making that killer cappuccino .. Edgcumbes will be bringing these and more to this little part of Sussex.

The build is scheduled to start in the next month and we will be updating you all as time goes on. Edgcumbes are working with a great team of dedicated and highly experienced builders – all hail the fine chaps at Company B! They know us, having built our lovely small takeaway using all the recycled wood, aluminium, bricks they could lay their hands on- and our aim to do more of the same with this new project.

We will be posting pictures and have a FAQ page soon to answer any questions but please don’t hesitate to email us on [email protected] if you have a specific query and we will do our best to answer you.

As with all projects, there will be the inevitable ‘ups and downs’ but we hope you will enjoy the ride as much are we intend to.

PLEASE do share this post with your friends and family so we can continue to stay true to our stated belief that everyone deserves to have  the FRESHEST and the best tasting coffee and tea. This way, we can continue to spread the word that ‘ fresh is always best’.

Our website shop ONLY stocks FRESHLY ROASTED coffee and the BEST loose leaf teas!


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EDGE Coffee Shop & Roastery One Year Anniversary!

EDGE Coffee Shop

The EDGE Coffee Shop and Roastery has already been open for one year now! We cannot believe how much we have grown within this time, and it is thanks to all of you, our customers, who continue to support us!

To thank everyone for this we will be celebrating our one year anniversary on Monday 2nd May between 10am and 4pm. So come along to the EDGE Coffee Shop and enjoy our celebratory offers:

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Coffee Enthusiast Courses at Edgcumbes

home-brewing coffee courses

This is a foundation course aimed at the home brewer or coffee enthusiast.

The coffee enthusiast course is a foundation course designed to help give you an insight into your favourite brew and how it got there.

We will talk about coffee origins, demonstrate the roasting process interspersed with a question and answer session during.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, what makes it so special?

jamaican blue mountain coffee

We have just received a batch of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee here at the Edgcumbes Roastery! Some has now been roasted and is bagged up ready for you to jamaica blue mountain coffeebuy and enjoy! But you may have noticed that there is quite a difference in price between this coffee and our others… so why exactly is that?

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How to use an IngenuiTea teapot!

If you are stuck on what to buy any tea lover for Christmas then worry no more – the IngenuiTea teapot is the ideal present!

The teapot is available in 2 sizes – 470ml or 950ml – and the way that it works is once the tea leaves and hot water have steeped, you place it on top of your cup causing the underneath valve to release. Crystal-clear tea will then flow through, as the mesh filter retains all of the tea leaves! Not only this but as it is dishwasher safe it makes it extremely easy to clean! Continue reading How to use an IngenuiTea teapot!

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A hands on approach to Colombian coffee!

Colombian coffee bean sacks

I recently interviewed our director Alice about her recent trip to Colombia where she visited the farmers and producers of Colombian coffee to get an even better understanding of the coffee process. This blog post summarises our chat, so I hope you find it as interesting as I did! Continue reading A hands on approach to Colombian coffee!