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Edgcumbes – Our Story Video

This is who we, Edgcumbes, are – coffee roasters, tea blenders, wholesalers, retailers, online sellers – a friendly, family business which has been running for 35 years.

We worked with Joe Cannon, a talented video-maker from Littlehampton, who has helped us to achieve our objective of explaining to all our customers what happens behind the scenes at Edgcumbes, in our warehouse and roastery, and for you to be able to understand all of the hard work that we put into roasting and blending the perfect coffees and teas.

We even persuaded our sons’ band Will and the People to allow us to use one of their acoustic songs as the background. So, along with Dino the dog, this is truly a family affair!

Dino the Edgcumbes dog


Please do take the time to watch this video to better understand the labour of love that goes into the journey of tea and coffee which eventually ends up in that delicious cup you may be drinking right now!


12 thoughts on “Edgcumbes – Our Story Video

  1. Great video..well done guys X

    1. Thank you very much! We are very pleased with it 🙂

  2. Great video and voice over amazing.

  3. How lovely to have a sneak peek behind the scenes. Can’t wait to visit in real life.

  4. This is great! Telling your story, one bean at a time. It’s a great ethos and you should be very proud of all your hard work. Bringing great coffee to those who want to listen and learn about what real coffee tastes like!

  5. You can almost smell the brew!! Buenisimo!

  6. It’s a great idea to bring the coffee to the area rather than make your locals go to Arundel or further afield to get a good espresso or latte. I am sure they’re all very appreciative and will keep on coming and support you. And your name will spread and it will grow exponentially until you take over the world (whoops, getting a bit carried away there!)

  7. Your father would be so proud of what you have achieved and so am I

  8. Good to see and listen to your video ..I now look forward to samplying one of your coffees – soon. Well done!

    1. Hi Colin – thanks for your message and we hope you get to try our coffee soon! Do look out for a brand new and updated video coming in the New Year!

  9. Love this video! Driven past so many times and wanted to pop in! But always thought it was for the trade. Definitely going to now.

    1. We look forward to welcoming you Mandy! Keep an eye out, we’ll be releasing a new video soon too 🙂

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