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Edgcumbes – Proud supporters of the Gurkha Welfare Trust !

Edgcumbes is a family business – the Roastery and Café are often manned by sons, husbands and friends  who all share a passion for freshly roasted coffee! In between travels , university and careers , we often see people passing through our lives at one stage or another.

It is often strange how connections are made and how we make sense of our increasingly busy world.

Recently a long standing family friend visited us on his way through Sussex, and we got talking over a glass or two about the work he is doing to promote and raise awareness of the Ghurka Welfare Trust. Many Nepalese families have direct connections with the UK, and the charity does an enormously important job of ensuring that the veterans and their families can be supported when they return home to their native land.

It is the practical element of the charity that appeals to us- finding homes, building community centres and offering financial aid are crucial.  A close family member has spent 3 years working in Nepal at a Tig

coffee, tea and the Gurkha Welfare Trust – great combo!

er Sanctuary and Charlie, one of our lovely café baristas, has just told me that his great, great grandfather was a Gurkha- he mentioned something about being allowed to play with his Kukri knife as a young child – I didn’t ask for the details.

However, I urge you to take a look at the GWT  site ( which has some heart-warming stories and spectacular images courtesy of

Today a rather large parcel arrived filled with all sorts of goodies for us to share with everyone – we are now OFFICIAL supporters which sounds very grand but actually means that we can now accept donations from visitors to the EDGE café and shop. Lots of badges, wristbands and donation boxes! Anything that can be popped into one of the boxes – strategically placed by the till – will find a home somehow, somewhere in Nepal!

We have some plans to source speciality coffee in the coming months- this is a small, but growing industry in Nepal and there is certainly scope for us to roast some lovely coffees !

From one British Institution – our great British cuppa – to a proud Nepali institution – both linked together via the Gurkhas.  Let’s all celebrate the fact that there can be deep and meaningful friendships between nations!