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Award Winning Blend No45 is a Tea Partner!


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We were delighted to be approached by the friendly and enthusiastic team at Tea Tourist to feature in one of their Discovery Boxes.

We think their concept of sending out small taster samples of premium grade loose leaf teas to their subscribers is a great way of promoting the best that the industry has to offer to tea lovers everywhere.

Whilst we like to think that our tea range is pretty extensive, it would be nigh on impossible for us to offer all that there is to try in the wonderful world of tea – so for our teas to be championed by an eager team of digital whizzkids sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

Our first choice had to be our award winning Blend No 45 – that heavenly mix of black orthodox teas designed to add more than just a great taste to your brew.  Continue reading Award Winning Blend No45 is a Tea Partner!