Sustainably sourced

We care a great deal about the world we live in and are handing down to future generations.

That’s why we support Rainforest Alliance which encourages tree-planting, including in areas where the Arabica coffee plant needs shade. We also promote Fairtrade – when our MD, Alice, visits the countries where our coffee and tea is grown, she has seen first-hand the impact this makes on local communities.

The life of a tea picker or coffee grower is not an easy one. A day picking 100 kilos of ripe coffee cherries will finish up as 12 kilos of the roasted bean for us to enjoy here in the UK. The higher the quality of tea or coffee, the harder it is to harvest, as someone has to manually go through the plantation and pick only the ripest coffee cherries or the most delicate tea leaves.

Like many other crops, coffee and tea are usually farmed intensively, using unsustainable practices. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and therefore choose to support smaller farms that are trying to work in a more sustainable fashion.

We are 100% committed to sharing this message in the Roastery – the more people who value the provenance of the coffee, the more likely it is they will seek out quality rather than quantity.

The image (right) shows green coffee beans at a small processing station in Huila District, Colombia. The outer parchment layer will be removed prior to shipment to coffee-consuming countries.

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We are conscious of the huge amount of effort that goes into coffee production – from picking to pulping, washing, drying, sorting, shipping, cupping and testing, right through to the final roast.

We are aware that growers are vulnerable, as their product is traded on the international markets. Unless a premium is paid, how can we expect these farmers to reinvest and put the effort needed into growing the coffee we all love so much?

That’s why we only buy coffees when we are 100% confident of their provenance, by visiting estates in countries including India and Columbia, and choosing producers who farm sustainably and benefit their communities.

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