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We’re obsessed with offering only the world’s best coffees and finest teas, backed by exceptional customer service.

With decades of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the production process, and are serious about playing our part responsibly in the long chain from bean to cup.

That’s why we personally visit many of the countries that supply us, and only offer products that achieve our expert’s stamp of approval.

As a small family-run business, we value every person who enjoys a delicious drink in our café/shop as much as we do our trade regulars.

We love to talk to customers to devise personalised blends, just for them. In 2015, two of these blends won prestigious Great Taste Awards.

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Our beginnings

Back in 1981, Frank Edgcumbe-Rendle retired from his job as a jute and tea trader in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and moved back to the UK.

He was distraught to discover he couldn’t find any decent loose leaf tea. So he sat at the kitchen table with a set of scales, and blended some high-quality Assam and Kenyan tea leaves.

He called the blend Rusper after the West Sussex village where he grew up, decided to sell a few bags, and named the newly formed company Edgcumbes – our traditional family name.

We still believe that locally, fresh-roasted coffees and hand-blended loose-leaf teas ALWAYS taste better than commercially packaged products.

Our environmental focus

We are firm believers in being as eco-friendly as possible. For example:

  • We built our new Roastery and café/shop using as many recycled materials as possible.
  • To reduce packaging, café/shop customers can save money by refilling coffee containers under our 3Rs scheme (Reuse, Recycle, Really good coffee).
  • We save our used coffee grounds and chaff (a by-product of the roasting process) to fertilise local plants and shrubbery outside the Roastery.
  • In conjunction with Brighton University’s Green Growth Platform, we are working on a revolutionary new product for the industry, made from recycled coffee sacks that are currently discarded.

We are continually looking for new ideas, processes and innovations that respect the environment, such as when we won a grant to install LED lighting throughout the Roastery.

Our certifications

Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade Foundation, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, Guild of Fine Foods, Beverage Standards Association (founder )

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Meet our team of experts

Alice Rendle, MD

Alice has headed the business since 1998. To ensure Edgcumbes remains THE place to go, she travels to far-flung places in search of new coffees and teas. She loves good wine, food, and freshly roasted single origin coffees, and is nuts about the benefits of power walking on the beach.

Christopher Rendle, Roastmaster

Chris spends way too much time in the Roastery, perfecting blends and surrounded by fascinated customers while he explains the intricacies of the process. And it’s not even his day job! He also travels the world to introduce his wonderful ‘Rendle’s Original Gin’, and hangs out with other roasters.


Lisa Keen, Customer Service Manager

Lisa runs the office with immense good humour and an energy that amazes us all. Customers rely on her to ensure their products arrive on time and that engineers promptly deal with any machines that decide to break down. Despite the stresses and strains of her job, Lisa’s youthful looks just never seem to age.

Paul Lightfoot, Retail Operations Manager

Jay Bull, Training & Project Manager

Jay is never happier than when chatting to visitors about the origin of a single coffee bean, or the best brew method. We describe his approach as ‘The way of Jay’. Come in and enjoy an intense discussion on how to get the best from a single origin Guatemalan or the different ways to produce the perfect flat white.

Vicki Isted, Marketing Administrator

Lucy Millais, Administrative Assistant


Ollie Tiley, Roaster

Ollie is one of those unusual merry men who actually thrive in the mornings. He has built up a loyal following of customers that appreciate his friendly manner and genuine interest in people. He is always offering samples of exotic tea blends that just have to be tasted to be believed. Come in and try some.

Ashton Syphas, Café Barista

Gemma Williams, Café Barista

Zoe Tiley, Café Barista

Monika Kotowicz, Warehouse Supervisor

Dave Hadland, Delivery Driver


Dino, Top Dog

A fixture since 2001 in and around the Roastery, our Edgcumbes mascot Dino moved on to his happy hunting ground in May 2018. A faithful and lovely hound, he is sorely missed - but nonetheless, his companion Hebe has considerably perked up due to the absence of his competition!